Celtic Marketing are distributors of Oral Hygiene and Incontinence Products  to the Irish market for nearly 20 years now. We first introduced the TePe range of  oral hygiene products in the 1990’s and  about 4 years after that, we introduced Ekulf another Swedish brand of Oral Hygiene Products.  Over the years we have added to our range of oral hygiene products.

In the year 2000 Celtic Marketing, under the name of ECOWARE, diversified and became the Irish distributor of the unique range of  “Eenee Swimmers” incontinence swimwear.  These swimmers do not require any disposable pad and therefore  allows  the wearer (child or adult)  both comfort and peace of mind.  It also gives confidence to those who would otherwise be too cautious or self-conscious to go swimming.

In 2010 we introduced the Dr. Barman’s Superbrush, a unique 3 headed toothbrush into Ireland, and to compliment that in 2011 we introduced Oranurse,  an unflavoured toothpaste to the market.  These Special Care Oral Hygiene Products we are glad to say have  grown over the last few years and  are becoming more widely available in Pharmacies and Dental Practices.

Should you wish to become a stockists of any of our products, please contact Dermot and he will be happy to assist you.