I first came across Celtic Marketing and Dermot Byrne at an Oral Health Conference some years ago. I was impressed by the personal service and genuine commitment to the products on display. These products including Dr Barman’s toothbrushes, Oranurse Toothpaste, EKULF mouth mirror with light and the open wide disposable mouthrests. These products that are used and recommended by all our dental teams in the surgery setting. As an Oral health promoter I work in many group settings which include Nursing Homes staff and carers of the elderly and special need. If recommending any product it is essential to believe that by using same it will contribute to the overall oral health and these products help the patient and carer to maintain good oral care.

Margaret O'Malley RDN H.DIP MSc, Oral Health Promoter HSE-West

I first heard about Eenee swimmers from another mum in the Central Remedial Clinic which Rebecca attends. Rebecca was then 8 years old and we were having difficulty getting conventional swim nappies to fit. We were worried whether swimming would be possible for Rebecca in the future.

We ordered two pairs of Eenee swimmers and our worries disappeared. There was a range of sizes so it was easy to get a size to fit. They are discrete, fit underneath standard swimwear and are of a great quality. They wash perfectly and have lasted for over two years of constant use so they certainly justify the initial outlay.

Eenee swimmers have enabled Rebecca to continue swimming with confidence as she grows.

C. Kelly, Dublin 5

Our kids were reluctant to brush their teeth because they gagged due to the strong taste of the toothpastes available in the supermarket and chemist. Even the child-specific products tasted really strong – just sweeter. We discovered the Oranurse product by googling it, and initially we got it from Amazon in the UK, but discovered that it was available more quickly and cheaply from Celtic Marketing. As most parents know, bedtime is a part of the day when you really want to minimise friction but at the same time you don’t want to make any compromises where dental health is concerned, so Oranurse really fitted the bill for us.

N. Lavery, Dublin 15